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Hanna, The Immigrant
(1991) This is the story of a Jewish girl growing up in Russia at  the turn of the century. Hanna enjoys all of the Jewish customs and ceremonies in her home. But, as Hanna grows up, she becomes increasingly aware of the difficult life her family lives as  Jews in Czarist Russia. When Hanna meets a young man and falls in love, she wants to make a  better life for herself in America. This story describes the agony which immigrants experience in  leaving behind all that is familiar and the excitement of going to a new land where there is freedom.
   Hardback, 114 pages, illustrations, bibliography, glossary of Yiddish words.        $12.95. Paperback, $5.95

The Many Adventures of Minnie
(1992) The story of Hanna, The Immigrant continues through the adventures of her daughter, Minnie.  Growing up in the only Jewish home in a small town in Texas was the experience of Minnie and her daughter, the author Jan Siegel Hart. Minnie's parents  have come to Texas from Russia and are still learning American ways. Because Minnie is the  youngest of four children, she is determined to do things better than her older sisters and  brother. In her struggle to excel, she frequently finds herself in trouble. But when she finally  achieves her goals, success is all the sweeter.
     Hardback, 120 pages, illustrations, glossary.  $12.95

More Adventures of Minnie
(1994) Winner of a Louzelle Rose Barclay Award for Children's  Literature, this book completes the trilogy that began with Hanna, The Immigrant and The Many Adventures of Minnie. Minnie's boundless energy continues to get her in trouble in her daily struggles to excel. In the 1920s, the Novits live in the only Jewish home in the small town of Dublin, Texas. For nine years  Minnie has been the youngest of four children. When her baby sister arrives, she is changed  forever from the baby of the family to a big sister. How will she react? Will she like it or not? The  ideas for this book as well as others came from stories told by the author's mother, Minnie, and grandmother, Hanna.
     Hardback, 107 pages, illustrations, glossary.  $12.95. {This text is currently out of print.
Thousands of children and adults across the United States  have had the opportunity to learn about diversity and  multi-cultural studies through the programs of Jan Siegel Hart. Her living history portrayal of Jewish immigration at the beginning of the 20th century brings to life the oppression in Russia and the search  for freedom to establish new and better lives in America. The early  1900's come alive through the use of costume, props and music. Since the dramatic presentation is based on oral histories, Mrs.  Hart developed a guide to help in gathering information on family  histories; Mrs. Hart is listed in the Texas Commission on the Arts  Roster for 2001-2005. The following programs are available:
   (1) HANNA, THE IMMIGRANT: Portrayal of life in Russia and immigration through the port of Galveston at the beginning of   the 20th century. The family story continues  through humorous anecdotes of Hanna's daughter, Minnie, growing up in Dublin,  Texas.

   (2) FINDING A STORY IN YOUR ROOTS: Students learn how to gather information about their families and turn it into a  story. Insights are given into writing and  publishing.

   (3) MODERN RUSSIA: Recent travel experiences are shared via a video and slide show. Discussion follows on how political and economic changes affect the average Russian. Discounts on the following autographed books are available at  presentations:


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   Active in the arts all her life, Jan Hart studied piano,  voice, clarinet, dance and dramatics as a student. Later she was a member of Longhorn Singers ('59-'60), Honeytones Octet ('68-'69), Jacksonville Civic Chorus ('70-'74), Temple Civic Chorus  ('78-'79) and has been a charter member of Chisholm Trail Chorus of Sweet Adelines,   International since 1979. Mrs. Hart also sang in the 1995 North American Jewish Choral Music Festival in the Catskills and the 1997 Biennial Choir in Dallas.
     As a member of the Cultural Activities Center and Contemporaries, Mrs. Hart participated in the "Hands On" project that extends the arts to elementary  students. Mrs. Hart performed in many Temple Civic Theatre productions, including "Fiddler on the  Roof," "Sound of Music," "Mame" and "Music Man." She also performed in two Temple Civic Theatre traveling school shows, which were taken to every elementary school in Temple, Texas.  She worked for the arts off-stage as well, as a member of the Temple Civic Theatre  Board of Directors and the Temple Civic Theatre Guild. Mrs. Hart is active in the Texas Jewish Historical Society and is a member of the Board of Directors. Mrs. Hart was born in Dublin, Texas and attended Kilgore Junior College, Lon Morris College and the University of Texas at Austin. Her first job was in Novit's Department Store, founded by her grandparents in Dublin in 1911. She wrote and published Hanna, The Immigrant (1991);The Many Adventures of Minnie (1992); and More Adventures of Minnie (1994). She has presented school programs to thousands of children and adults across  the United States. More Adventures of Minnie won a Louzelle Rose Barclay Award in 1994.

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